Our Ales

The Golden Arrow Pale Ale 3.8% ABV (1/3)

A moderate strength pale gold session ale, with an abundance of tropical fruit & citrus hop character provided by a blend of New Zealand and British hop varieties.

This ale is named after an old Shropshire countryside legend. One version states that anyone who can find the golden arrow, lost by a 7th century king on Pontesford Hill, will enjoy great fortune. At one time it was a tradition for villagers to search for the fabled lost arrow on Palm Sunday. In 1916 the legend inspired the title of local author Mary Webb's (1881-1927) first novel.

Sawn Off Best Bitter 4.0% ABV (2/3)

A copper-coloured flavoursome best bitter with a malty backbone enhanced by crystal malt in the grain bill. A blend of British hops imparts a robust yet smooth bitterness accompanied by a fruity flavour.

This ale is brewed in tribute to a Shropshire hero. Eric 'Sawn Off' Lock DSO, DFC and Bar (1919-1941) was one of 'The Few'. Lock, whose nickname referred to his comparatively short height, was born in the village of Bayston Hill, just a few rolling fields away from our brewery. While piloting his Spitfire during the Battle of Britain Lock became a quadruple ace and the highest-scoring British pilot.

Spire Dancer Golden Ale 4.2% ABV (3/3)

A golden ale made with 100% British malts and hops. The refreshing orange and honey flavour is provided by the use of caramalt in the grain bill combined with a light dose of bittering hops followed by a very generous charge of flavour hops.

In 1584 local steeplejack George Archer climbed unaided St Alkmund's church spire in Shrewsbury to retrieve the weathercock for repairs. He is reputed to have climbed the spire after drinking a few pints of ale, to have danced a jig while aloft for the spectators who had gathered below, and then returned to the ground safely, but now very sober!